What Envision SC is All About

Envision South Carolina is a series of online and real world events to enable
South Carolinians to dream, connect, and learn together about making our state world class and globally connected.

Envision South Carolina is Bold

It's an experiment to use new technology and media to enable people to have their voices heard about the future of our state.

Envision South Carolina is Innovative

It uses new technology to connect everyone – individual citizens, students, media companies, businesses, colleges – to all share their individual visions so that we can then create a shared South Carolina vision of what our state's future can be.

Envision South Carolina is Unique

No state has ever used the new digital technology to try and do this before. This is just the beginning - and no one knows what will happen.

Envision South Carolina is Ambitious

The three goals of Envision South Carolina are:

Envision SC was developed in association with the Palmetto Project, an entrepreneurial, SC-based nonprofit that identifies innovative approaches to the social and economic challenges facing South Carolina, and puts them into action throughout the state.

Dr. George Benson and Phil Noble discuss the BIG Idea

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"I hope and believe this project will inspire our fellow South Carolinians to embrace bold and innovative thinking about our shared future. Envision South Carolina is intended to help us take action—to think about how South Carolina can be a
leader on the world stage."

Dr. George Benson, President College of Charleston & Co-Founder of Envision South Carolina

Dr. Benson

President George Benson College of Charleston Envision SC