The Big Idea

A little newspaper column led to a big idea

In June of last year, Phil Noble, a businessman in Charleston, wrote a newspaper column entitled "A New Golden Age for South Carolina." In the column, Noble posed a simple question: What does South Carolina need to do to be "world-class" in the globally-connected world of the 21st century? The Envision South Carolina project is an attempt to engage the people of our state in a broad public dialogue to answer that question.

Phil Noble and the BIG Idea.

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"I hope and believe this project will inspire our fellow South Carolinians to embrace bold and innovative thinking about our shared future. Envision South Carolina is intended to help us take action—to think about how South Carolina can be a
leader on the world stage."

Dr. George Benson, President College of Charleston & Co-Founder of Envision South Carolina

Dr. Benson

President George Benson College of Charleston Envision SC