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Envision SC Celebration Day

The Envision South Carolina project will culminate with Celebration Day, a series of special events and celebrations later this spring on the beautiful College of Charleston campus. You absolutely MUST plan to join your fellow South Carolinians for this special day of planning, learning, and brainstorming for the future.

This day is for EVERYONE with special activities planned for all ages. School groups are encouraged to come together and meet with other similar ages from around the state. Special sessions are planned for business and community leaders from every walk of life including a variety of speakers, workshops and brainstorming sessions all designed to leverage the wonderful ideas incubated by Envision SC.

Watch this website for new updates on the Celebration Day schedule or download the Envision SC mobile application to get instant access to everything that is being planned as it gets scheduled.

Envision SC Celebration Day

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"I hope and believe this project will inspire our fellow South Carolinians to embrace bold and innovative thinking about our shared future. Envision South Carolina is intended to help us take action—to think about how South Carolina can be a
leader on the world stage."

Dr. George Benson, President College of Charleston & Co-Founder of Envision South Carolina

Dr. Benson

President George Benson College of Charleston Envision SC